Happiness of Marionette ~Intro~


“What are you going to do when you die?”

The girl wearing pretty white asked her reflection in the foggy mirror.

“I dont know, I love good games of my taste, I want to play, but most important, I like been able to play, thats why I work so hard, to have everything in the proper order, cause I like to play without things going the wrong way or failing on its own in the middle of the game, its bothersome, its no fun like that”.

The girl began to laugh and did a childish dance in the middle of the room, then said

“Thats because you dont really know how to play, little boys are so boring and dumb, thats why I only like girls to play with, cute girls who can hold my hand and kiss me during the night, can you do that, little boy?”

He didnt know how to answer what seemed to be such a simple question, however, there was only one response in his mind and lips

“Of course I can do it, Ill show you that boys are also good”.

The moment she heard his answer, the girl uncontrollably laughed very loud, to later continue her small dance.

“So, are you going to answer me now? what are you going to do when you die?”

The boy took a deep breath and spoke with confidence.

“I guess Ill be doing the same that Im doing right now, I have no reason to change”

Again, the girl laughed, with a different tone this time

“Yes you will! yes you will! hahaha, you have caught my attention little boy, I knew I could trust you”.

Now, answer me, how are you going to die?… I, I dont know, when I get older I suppose… do you mean you havent though of that? not even once?… its something that just happens in life… so its true, you havent thought of that, hahaha… its because… yes?… its because I dont want to think of my dead while knowing I couldnt figure out about my origin, thats all… then you have lied to me little boy, you told me that you could play, and you cannot, how come boys lie so much?! lies hurt me very much… probably because I couldnt come up with a better answer… dont worry, I have a better one, what if I was to completely destroy you right now? what are you going to do?… if you were to destroy me, you would have done it much before this conversation, I know that for sure… are you to say that I am guilty for not thinking a proper death for you?… one lives all life planning many kinds of things in order to improve it, yet never prepare for something so obvious and overwhelming as death, not even a mighty one can ignore it forever if was to live by the rules of this world… mmm, you have made me happy little boy, I wasnt sure that you were listening when I was talking before… yes, I was listening… so youll hear me little boy, will you hear the story and learn how to truly play?… by the rules of this world I have only one life, and Im always bound to the circumstances around me… and will, dont forget that a strong will can shape a destiny, while a weak one is meant to fade and be forgotten by even itself… and whats the story about then?… it tells how the gameboard got torn apart countless times yet the game continued again and again… you just need to be serious and practice the play, how high can the skill ceiling be?… everybody dies little boy, from our deeply beloved ones we would do anything for, to the irrelevant pawns we dont pay attention to, everybody is going to die and tear this gameboard into pieces, small or huge, are you ready little boy? cause at the end of this story you will die as well, everybody dies, nobody is left alive, I shall watch you all in your last moments alive, to finally let go and die myself too, taking the rest of the broken gameboard with me, are you ready to die little boy? cause I am, going kill you.

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