Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 02

How many years did you last with that girl?… from around a month before the middle of the first year of highschool, to some time into the last semester, it would be like two years… but it didnt end there, you kept seeing her later… I dont know how to count that time… it was such a waste of everything, while you kept sleeping, real life was actually happening… its not really my fault, at least Im still alive, did you completely not liked her?… that wouldnt be true, I did kinda liked her, and she was pretty, highly stupid and good for nothing, but, those breasts! hehehe… maybe she liked us because she was lesbian too… shes such an idiot, first she wanted you to be a jerk, you became and she hated it, she never realized that it was something else… else like what?.. I feel kind of guilty, naive guilty, cause she could have never liked me, only you, and you dont really exist… Im sure she would like you, you were her type… thats why I feel guilty, you were her type as well, she wanted you to do fun and cool stuff but I kept self sabotaging, I kinda wanted to know if she liked me, not you… youre asking too much for a dumb highschool normal girl… I know… at first she did try to come close but our winds were too strong, later she got afraid of everything, if she was to come near us and a wind was to lift her away, she needed her friends to hold her to the ground, but they didnt like us, we were easily taking her away from them, so they never helped her to get close, and she was too afraid to go alone, she rather stuck with them and convince herself that I was the one who needed to change into a big man… how comfortable… she was just a normal highschool girl, what did you expect? do you think she actually stands a chance against what really goes on here?… I expected her to be our friend, I never pushed her into sex… maybe that was the problem… didnt she loved us? maybe it wasnt about sex, she just wanted our powers, like everybody else does… she didnt know that side of us… so, sex and I failed?… what part of normal teenager girl dont you understand?… oooh… anyway, she loved our personal strength, the ability to get away with our jokes, how easily we treated the adult world, its like the key for success dressed as a hot boyfriend, to make people jealous about while you never really try beyond your comfort pathetic zone… maybe we should have let go and embrace the emotion, just to have felt what its like… lets say you had fallen sick, would she take care of you?… no, life is short, she may have cried and everything, but she would have moved on, she wasnt going to waste her youth on an ill me… then shes useless cause you were about to get sick… maybe she would have remained by my side, not as a boyfriend but as a dear friend… you both destroyed your little friendship, and she doesnt really care about you, obviously… a pair of strangers after all… you just wanted a friend and she said no… game over… and restart… new game.

Ok, that was hollowly fun but now comes the serious stuff, this is going to be depressive… you called it wingless after all… you did… no, you… today at this time of day, as I see everybody running, where are you? at this place under the cold merciless night, where are you? smile, holding my hand, kissing my lips, where are you? fighting, screaming, beating, hating each other more everyday, where are you? I miss you so much, where are you? did you noticed? I hoped to meet you in the wind, I kept waiting to hear your voice from so faraway, I keep waiting but you didnt come, you never ever come, what would happen if I move? will I find you or will I miss you while youre here and my heat is gone? today is very windy, the sky is dark and a storm is near, Im going to stay here, waiting for you in the wind, where are you? my heart is dried from so much wind, where are you? you never ever come.

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