Happiness of Marionette 01 ~Wingless~ ch 03

Wait, wait! before you start… yes?… I think youre really stupid… I already know that… I really really think you are very very stupid, a complete idiot… sounds fair… all your endings are terrible, you bore me to death and then Ill die… Im horrible and dumb, I already know that… you make me so mad that I want to beat you in the head, and hard… ok, and, emh, mmm… what?… I thought I had a happy ending, somehow… I hate you, I want to be me, you should hurry up before I get completely bored… I tried the best I could, those were very logical steps… are you blind? that was just crazy… I did everything so carefully… you just followed your hormones… I did fine, what else could I have done?… the most simple and obvious of it all… and what would that be?… since youre living in society, you need money and a very nice look, you already had the second, thats a good start… Im gorgeous… you put yourself to work hard, all day long, and make a lot of money, a lot is a ton since mexican coins are worthless… that would have taken a lot of time… because you took the way you wanted to enjoy, but here you got a bigger goal, you become greedy, ambitious, live by the rules of the normals… yuck, youre the crazy one… it will all pay off… but theres a stop flag, I always get sick, seriously sick, Im near the deathbed… take energies from the normals, that would work… no way, Ill die poisoned… you wouldnt because of your main goal, it will keep you alive no matter what… lets say I become a normal… pfff! ok, yes… and then, what?… you go to college, make connections, get a good job, spend money the least possible, make that piggy be stuffed like the pig it is… I dont have one of those… then comes the good part, the easy obvious part… what if I cannot make money?… you know people love you when you please them… that sounded disgusting… whatever it takes, but big, not just a hit and run… ok, then what?… its not necessary to go that way but it would speed things up greatly… then what?!… you watch her… ok… you study her and everything she does… sick, but ok… prepare your pretty money and a visa, maybe just tourist, youll be able to get it then… I wont be sneaking at the border?… no, thats for plebs, you are someone now… yeeeeey, then what? Im getting bored… little Reo becomes a beginner art promoter… I came with that idea before but you said it was no good… because you had to steal everything, here the stuff is yours, and you are somebody… youre just stealing my idea… its not like you need to be a true art promoter, you play a persona and call the small production studio, you said you loved what they have done and ask if they can communicate you with their accountant or lawyer, cause you want to make a donation to the project… would that work?… everybody loves money, you ask for information and such, and of course you say that you love the work of a certain actress… yuck, this is getting… you keep your illness to yourself and put your nicest smile on, everybody likes you, they may need a hand with some work so you help for free, because you are investing in the project and… yes, blabla… and theeeeeen!… aaahh! Im so scared!… when you meet her and have a chance to… dont kill her!… tell her very politely about a normal and not creepy at all story of your lost family, apologize for being rude, say that she looks familiar and finally ask if she knows something, that you would be eternally grateful or whatever, you can cry a little like the wimp you are… Im already crying… wonderful, right?… oh, so simple…

hehehe, hahahahaha… I never thought of being a nice and normal person… because youre an idiot… hahaha… hahahahahahaha… theres something… hahah what?… exactly, what then? whats next?… you find happiness, happy… no, I find an answer that I dont know if is true… eh?… she could notice who I am and play dumb to defend herself… eh?… I may creep her out, shes going to think that I donated just to get close and believe Im dangerous, she wont share anything with me… eh? no, its not like that… why do you talk about the middle of the story like its the happy end of the world?… when I find her I will be happy, forever happy, I just need to find her! what do you not understand?! gggrrrrr… and then what?… gggrrrrrrr… lets say she is our beloved cousin… sister… sister… husband… husband… myself, shes myself, shes everything I am! bububububu… aaahh…

bububububu… lets say she is… she is… she would be the great witch of hate and envy… so what, Im not scared, and dont talk like that or Ill rip your head off… Im sure you can defeat the witch, but you wont your own hate and envy now… Im perfect, Ill do everything… you could if you were by yourself, but theres a little girl you want to take care of… I wont be forgotten… see? It would only lead to a tragedy… so what?! I dont care, Ill be happy, Ill never ever forever leave her side, Im gonna fusion my skin with her, and my organs, everything… do you want you become her?… yes! everything! no, wait, I dont, I like myself, I want to be me… lets say she is not, then what?… I would go completely crazy in despair, nothing would hold me… I know, and that leads to the nuthouse… ooohh… and you know what happens there… I have fun screaming at the loonies… you get trapped, nearly die, an arm above the last wave and she still does not come, in the last moment you create me, you become a meatball and change your body, just to be able to transmit the energies to our body, to move and avoid death once again, as you hide while you sleep, forever sleep… bu bu, but your not making me cry, and youre confusing everything, while youre talking to the actress youre supposed to be you, not me… anyway, that leads to a bad ending, baaaaaad ending… hehehe, but that was cute… shall I start now?… is it what? Wingless?… yes, Wingless.

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