Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 02

The first thing I did was watch porn in the comfort of my isolated upstairs room, not that I wanted at that time, I was very busy putting everything together, but they didnt want me to, so I did it, such a relaxing pleasure, just because I could, then back to work.

Is it ready?… done, what do you think?… seems ok… and theres the tv, we can watch it and later play on the computer, mmm, theres something very funny, I feel like those are two completely different worlds, on the tv I only watch, I keep seeing whatever they throw at me, I can change the channels but at the end its the same, Im just there, watching, waiting for something good to come, waiting for the ads to be over, while at the computer is very different, cause Im active, I do what I want and theres much more stuff to be done and choose from, Im gonna try both for a week, if what I think is gonna happen, then I will ditch the tv, except for special occasions, like when shes on tv… who is she?… the actress, I, I kinda love her… actress?… yeah, sorry, you arent mad, are you?… no reason to be… I, I saw her once and kept seeing her ever since, I could go on talking about her for a long while, so Im just going to say that I love her, very much, somehow… Im looking forward to experience that… it will be time for the show in a couple of hours.

Ooohh… I told you she was very pretty… mmm, yes… I think you are very pretty too, hehe… dont you feel such a strange feeling for her?… yes, I have noticed that… I wonder where it comes from… its not like I think dirty stuff about her, Im very respectful, I really care about her… whats the difference? you dont even know her… I know but, I like to behave this way, I, I dont want to do anything bad to her, I like her being happy, the way she smiles… have you gone completely insane?… probably, Im hearing a voice inside my head, aint I?… to have fallen in love with an actress on tv, at least you should have some fun and think about having sex with her… well, I would, but, there a huge feeling in the middle, there are more important things than just having fun… really?… I wish I could tell you why… dont worry, I will get that in time… would you do that for me? that would be great… its not only for you, its for us, I need to find out where that feeling comes from, I will do it, dont worry… sounds wonderful, pretty crazy though… trust me… I want to trust you, but I feel a little weird… you must abandon all your normal emotions, those are worthless… but… its not like you have a choice, and Im not talking about your confusion, Im gonna do it anyway… Im ok with it… Im not saying that you dont, what Im telling you is that Im gonna do everything I want, consider yourself mine… normally that would sound horrible, but I actually feel good, and peaceful, with harmony… its better that way… mmm, hehe, yes.

You look happy… Ive been having so much fun lately, ever since I first heard you in my head… its been good for me too… Ive been hearing you for a looooong while, but only now its so clear… I know… its weird to remember how many years have passed… your mind configuration was faulty, thats why you couldnt hear me, like a coded signal, an abstract thought… sorry… dont be, it is actually my fault… how is it?… there was a big fight, so long ago… really? with me?! what happened?… I could explain you but thats advanced information, you wont be able to understand it… oh, ok… I wont be explaining anything complicated these days, you need to grow stronger… I can try right now, Im strong, how hard can it be?… it will be of no use, you need to create the structure for it, most like remembering it… I though I was smart… its not about that… I guess Ill have to wait… no, its not about time, weve waited enough already, you have to work and make it happen… mmm, seems like something that will take forever… youre gonna have to, or will be the end of you… Im not that depressed… its not about depression, I will destroy you… hehe, thats good motivation… Im serious, you know?… of course, but Im not scared, it actually sounds like a good idea.

What?… Ive been wanting to ask… yes?… are you the actress?… no, I aint no actress, and Im not the woman you see on tv… it would be great if you were… but Im not, and you already know that… are you the computer?… dont be ridiculous… what? you could be… dont be stupid… ok, sorry, mmm, what are you then?… the real question is who, who am I?… werent you me?… yes, and no… thats very confusing… thats the truth, its not my fault you dont understand… then who are you?… advanced information, I could tell you but you wont be able to understand… you can try me once in a while… dont blame me if you dont get it… ok… do I look like you?… well, no, youre a girl, Im a boy… who do I look like?… the actress… mmmmmm… hehe, sorry, I, you seem familiar but I cant figure it out, I can barely see you, let me guess, a guardian angel… no, I aint… can you look around if theres any?… there aint, stop bothering me with that… I thought it would be cute… I aint no angel… are you a spirit trying to take over my body and soul?… not really, though I do, I am taking over you, but I aint no strange spirit… you say so… so what?… sorry, just curious… are you able to understand things now? youre too happy playing with this… ahhggg, dont be so pushy… we wasted too much time already… Im doing my best now… you see a beautiful girl in me, but Im not actually her, Im an image of her… image?… yes, a thought that escaped from her troubled mind… can I meet her?… how?… cant you take me to her?… how?… I, I dont know, is she ok?… shes trapped, but dont worry, Im here… ah, ok, I guess… dont worry I say, Im gonna take good care of you now… are you my mother?… what?!… mother, are you?… hehehe, not really, but you could say that I am… I finally understood who you are, mother, I missed you so much.

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