Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 03

Is there something worrying you?… Im happy but, ahg, the small vacation will be over soon, I hate school, I dont want to go back… its troublesome… I know youve been with me at school before, but now its different, this is important, I dont want to waste my life there… dont you want some diploma?… no… dont you think youre going to need it?… no, especially now since you told me this is it… but that ugly woman downstairs wont let you take it easy… I know, ahg, I hate her… dont hate her… she wont leave me alone!… dont hate her, thats an order… ok, I guess… theres no point hating her… I need to do something about her, she is the one causing so much problems, everybody else do not bother me for one reason or another… youre gonna slowly influence her behavior, shes an awful person now, but that will change… can it be done?… sure, trust me… ok.

What?… remember that case about the old dude and the fake charity? the last week of classes I was mostly absent cause I was doing stuff about it, in the morning, but I was too lazy to go to school in the afternoon then, and, Im very annoyed, it turned out the stupid dude that was supposed to be my friend, left me behind and met the fake charity married couple for a monetary settlement, the idiot took it all for himself, he didnt gave anything to the old dude, and me neither of course, the funny part is that they taped him and then denounced him of extortion… ha, dumb idiot… yeah, but heres the awkward part, they put my name in the denounce… so what? they have nothing… Im extremely angry… I feel the same way… its just a scare tactic to cool this whole problem, they want to go back into their fake charity business, in time get the government permission once again, while keeping the old dude silent with the money and denounce… so, nothing will happen, but… Im raging inside, since my name is in it, I may be called to testify and such, even get charged of something made up, just to keep me quiet, I dont think is serious though… were incredibly angry… what make believe those idiots they can scare me? me! Im gonna make them pay, Im drooling in excitement, I didnt get any money… that was good… I wasnt going to take any that way, I was going to do it properly, it goes to the old dude, then he can give me some for the work, mmm… were so angry… if I see some cop dude knocking on the door Im gonna… I have a better plan, its time for you to move… I already got in contact with the old dude, I told him what happened and convinced him to make me his lawyer, I did it very quick, he is a key piece, I had to take it first… hehehe, Im sure nobody wants him now… yeah, hes very desperate… they all gonna regret not taking that piece… I was thinking, its time to go offensive, it will be the best defense, Ill teach them all who they are dealing with, miserable worms… the reason that fake charity causes all those problems is because the government is letting them, you have to go against them… I thought of that, theyre the ones holding all the evidence in a secret archive, but they cant do whatever they want, there are plenty of law requirements they cannot fulfill at this point, it would be contradicting to what has already happened… theres no point trying to attack the fake charity with those idiots covering them, make a warning, if they dont listen a full attack, prepare it all… I need to study a lot, I already kind of figured out how to make the scripts, but I need to know exactly what laws cover it… there must be some… I can get it all from the internet, aint that cool? the laws, how the government should work, and I got the info I have of the fake charity too.

I like you when youre confident… are we really going to do this? seems very big… you have my permission, you need to attack… I hate to study now, I wish I was doing something fun, but it was worth, now I understand how things works, theres a system for charity stuff, and a department that watches over the private charities, theyre our main enemy, but heres where it gets funny, the board of directors of that department, the ones who hold from making criminal or civil charges against the fake charity, is integrated by some interesting people, theres the director of the same department, who is an old politician with a good social reputation; the director of the department of public charity, who happens to be the wife of the governor, also some businessman and other state workers; the human rights department is involved, they are supposed to watch over everything as well, and they all obviously let it happen; theres more, the fake charity went to jail a couple of days in response of the old dudes denounce, but it was really cause they were angry and tried to intimidate the government private charity department after they removed their license, as they were asking for a lot of money and properties in different places, the government people used the case of the old dude to scare them, then the judge let them out just because; Ive been thinking for a while, I have plenty of space and people to attack, and they already made the decisions, they cant go back, if they want to scare me, Ill give them a good bite instead.

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