Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 04

I visited the old dude plenty of times, as a consolation prize, they put him in a so called good public retirement home run by nuns, good in comparison, I got him to sign some papers for me, in order for people to know I represented him.
I told him that everytime the nuns and employees brag about doing everything for free, to tell them that it is a lie, that they get government money for taking care of them, so they better do a nice job, stupid rotten worms; he listened to my advise and told the nuns, of course in a gentle way, and they respected him ever since, he has told me that he also offered himself to help them, now that hes sure they wont take advantage of him.
For some reasons I get some weird emotions from the place, I dont like the nuns, not for the obvious reasons, I dont like that they speak spanish, but what else would they speak? its so strange, the place is very large, with long hallways, gardens and many rooms, I hate the smell of old people and nuns, including the horrible food they get fed with, removing all of that makes it seem like a nice place, I dont actually feel that bad going there, somehow.

Complaining to the government about the government takes a lot of time, but in the meantime we were lucky, the old dude once had money and houses, his parents were from the country, they sold their land and died, he got the money and moved to the city, eventually grew old, some young girl liked the money and decided to get married with him. A couple of years later, the brother of the girl wanted to take it all now instead of waiting, they constantly drugged him and took everything, he ended up on the street without a coin, his luck got even worse when someone knew about the fake charity and gave them a call, they picked up and kept him for many months in horrible conditions, even their crazy daughter used to scare him with knives. Well, the only thing they didnt took from him was a couple of graves at the municipal graveyard, its been full for a while so the graves do give some money when sold, I had to prepare everything to be done, and it was, we got some money to live, yey!
Theres an old mall near the retirement home, its boring but theres a record store there, I used part of the money I got to buy Lou records, Ive been listening to his songs lately, and wow, the stories, the music, the emotions, I was very happy, cause I lost my internet connection, and I cant pay for it, I did the math and it was sooo expensive, Im kind of sad with all this working, so the first thing I did was go buy them and hear them a lot, I love Lou but I wont be buying records from business anymore, one cd was mexican printed and selferased, one was missing a song, and one was scratched, thaaats it.
Working is boring, so Ill tell it as fast as possible, mmm, its something to be proud at but Im bored, theres nothing else worst than being bored, everybody at the government offices respected me, either like what I do, are cautious of me, or hate me passionately in frustration cause their bosses warned them not to do anything stupid, those people are incredibly greedy and arrogant, some didnt listened to their bosses and tried to scare me, sometimes even tried to bite me, I just laughed and pushed the bosses again, to later see their tiny dogs moving their tail with their heads down instead of barking, pathetic little dogs.
This thing is too big, I denounced everybody everywhere, I made a lot of people angry and worried, but I was always nice if they deserved it, some quickly noticed that and spread the word around. A powerful weapon in my hand was an illusion, because of my good clothes, confidence and skill, they believed I was someone important working undercover, when I am actually just me.
Months passed by and the case reached a stalemate, I had everything in favor but it was difficult for the government to move forward, it was their mistake before, the one I took advantage of, they didnt want to do it again, I pushed for long until a turning point, the director of the private charity department died, the main responsible for letting the fake charity exist, I thought it was the best moment for a second attack wave, but certain someone stopped me saying that I had to end it, that there was no honor kicking some corpse, and ordered me to settle everything, after all that work! I even had to go to the stinky jail cause there are the criminal courts, theres also a junkyard near and it smells like rotten trash all day long, ahggg, but of course I did as ordered, all in a couple of days, I was so tired.

Thats not the only thing I ended, certain someone also told me, at the very beginning, that it was the perfect time to ditch school, and I did, with the excuse of a future fortune with a big case, it felt reeeeally good.
Finally, I told the old dude what was going on and explained the situation, I was always honest with him, he got depressed, was going to be angry but then realized how much I had worked, that I did believe we were going to make it, I helped him a lot too, in order to move on now, the last time I called him on the phone, just to check how he was, he faked a joyful voice, said thanks Mr Lawyer and goodbye, the once key piece had lost its value on a dusty gameboard, yet regain some pride on its own instead of just falling into a void.

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