Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 05

How do you feel about it?… at least people respect me now, they dont push me into going to school… I think they lost hope for you, they must think youre crazy now… why? I did great… you didnt get the money, thats the whole difference, if you would have gotten it you would be a genius, you didnt, so youre just a weirdo, they dont put you in a nuthouse cause its more expensive, hehe… its just money, how can it be the difference?… cause they wanted that money… mmm, so annoying, first they wanted me to be big and strong, I did and they felt intimidated, then they wanted me to be someone important, I did and they call me crazy… they just want money… I understand that now… why did it take you so long? its all about money, the first priority in their minds is money to spend… I guess they dont want me to be a bigger burden, and theyre actually glad that I havent done anything for a while, it was such a great idea to stop going out, to stop caring about the horrible ideas they have… crazy people stayed locked at home, hehehe… as long as they dont bother me is fine.

Its been so nice lately… yes, I was really looking forward ending all of that, I feel great being with you, I was being lazy with the work at the last part anyway, and we did got some money, instead of two hundred pesos now I have two thousand, is still nothing but way more comfortable to have, I even could buy a new monitor, I was sick of that box crap, and a new mouse, though I find it amazing that I could finish that game with my finger instead of the tracking ball, but, mmm, I wish I could have bought something better… with what money? its ok, we need to move forward… when I settled the case, I implied and they offered me the option of making my own charity, getting the permits to be and beg are not that easy, and getting the tax deduction stuff is hard, cause theres where the money is, everybody wants it badly, instead of paying taxes you give it to a so called charity, from what I understand its not always one hundred percent the amount you donate, it depends of how much the fiscal gov department authorizes you, its all decided in secrecy, and then what to do with that money starts, with so much corruption theres no charity, or barely, the donator gets something back, the charity spends it all in paychecks for employees and such, or just fake their work and take it, the government people get their bribes, the poor still rot, oh, and during election time it becomes a way to fund the campaigns, they push their people into donating, they give them the tax deduction and take it all, the tv ads are not cheap, and yes, the poor still rot… and they do nothing about it, thats one of the reasons I told you to stop, there was only you, when its a social problem, at least thousands of people affected should have been complaining too, but they were not, it was only you, and youre not even one of them, you alone could create such a big problem for them, imagine a thousand people doing the same, yet theyre not interested in it, so were not doing anything anymore… what about having our own charity? I could make some money then… no, thats disgusting, besides, I want you out of the mafia stuff, its too dangerous… nah, Im the one people gets afraid of, you shouldnt worry… Im not worried about them, I am about you… what could I do? Im harmless… theres a lot of power inside you… I can handle the situation… no, you cant, its too much power for you, like you wouldnt imagine, one rage attack then and Im gonna lose you… meeeh, what Im going to do then? you didnt want me to make defensive bombs in case they came after me back then… you got piles of papers that prove corruption, thats your defensive bomb, but you dont even need it, youre a bomb yourself, besides, why would anybody care to mess with you? its not worth the huge problem, they already know how quickly and heavily you act, remember when someone of the public charity office went to threat the old dude? you went to visit the office of the wife of the governor the next day and pushed hard, so they put their small idiots to apologize for their so called own mistake… soooo, what now?… you take it easy, and thats an order… well, its being nice at home lately, one time my so called mother was talking on the phone with my so called aunt, she was bragging about not giving me any food cause I didnt liked what she cooked, I dont like most of it so I always end up eating something else, but my so called aunt told her that it was stupid, that I was doing crazy things in order to get money and buy food, that it was wrong… wow, shes pretty cool… as long as she doesnt go further trying to tell me what to do, I already know whats next, anyway, since she sends the money we actually live with, she had to listen to her, its been very calmed here lately, and I love it, I really need to take it easy, after so long.

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