Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 06

We need to do something about this place… what?… how to say it properly, you have too much trash… eh? but… youll feel better throwing all the old away… I may need it someday, its all I have… dont gather trash!… its not trash, its… we dont need so much of these, its time to give it or throw it away, I rather see empty space than useless stuff… aahhh… what?… I dont know what to say… move! its time to work… how do I know what its trash and what its not?… start with the obvious, well do the rest later… ok, bubububu… and hurry, I dont want to spend all day looking at your trash… Ive been thinking, why do we talk in english?… feels normal to me… were in the middle of mexico… so?… am I trying to feel cool or what?… I speak english… Im mexican… have you ever wondered how did you learn english?… watching tv… Im not saying that you cant, but, are you sure? that was very quick, and awkward if you paid enough attention, which nobody here does… I used to watch a lot of tv, sadly… not that much… then what is it?… you didnt learn, you remembered… oooh, really?… can you at least remember when you supposedly learned english?… mmm, yes… when you said later, oh I remember this bunch of words, where did you remembered them from, a tv show?… mmm… some character of a show? youre saying thats the origin… no, not really, well, yes, but, there was, something else… can you tell what?… youre making me nervous… Im gonna let go now… great… just because its advanced information… sounds like a lame excuse for being crazy… youll see one day, I know you feel dumb and frustrated, you want to explode and see it all right now, at once, but youre gonna have to wait, do it properly… ok, at least youre here.

I have a game for you… really?… yes, what do you think of prostitution?… thats theres a bunch of massages centers around here, the girls look very attractive though I havent seen them in detail, I wish I had some money I wouldnt need to use on another priority, also that, doing that, its wrong, thats what everybody around me thinks, if they saw me in one of those places, it would be bad, shameful… why?… because they think so, oh, Im such an idiot… at least you realize it now, next, do you like pretty girls?… yes, I like pretty girls… how much?… very much, theyre pretty… what if I was to tell you that you are a pretty girl… hahaha, that sounds nice, hehehe… well, you are… oooohh, really?… dont you feel it? inside your belly… its a little shameful, Im supposed to be a boy, aint I? if I was a girl, I would be a freak… start getting comfortable with it… Im not going to cut myself, right?… dont be stupid… I know… and Im gonna make it more interesting, what do you think of lesbians?… seems cool, I really like pretty girls loving each other… well, you are one… eh? hahahaha… now you know why you cant relate to people, besides the other stuff, youre a girl, and youre lesbian… sounds delightful, but so troublesome… what girl is going to like you as a girl? hehehe… so annoying, anything else?… your womb… ah! dont touch me… you hide it very well, do you want to take an xray?… with all that could possibly come out, no way, and I dont like doctors anyway… ok, but why are you so shy?… I dont know… its just your belly, why dont you like people touching you… you can touch me… but not anybody else, what have you been hiding all these years?… I dont like people touching me… why is that?… I wont let my powers to anybody!… hehehe… oh! what was that?… hahaha… that was scary… advanced information, I wont even try explain it now… how convenient… why dont you try to remember yourself?… ok… have you ever felt like that before?… mmm… Ive been watching over you since ages ago, taking care of you, it could be dangerous to leave you alone as you are… I have many memories of that, but, its all blurry… because of the aggressive part, I made it blurry for you… there was one time that wasnt really aggressive, I guess, it was a game but I didnt like it, at the second college, the classmates were talking by the soccer field, I noticed that they were throwing each other to the ground and falling on top of that person, as a game, I got close cause I didnt think they would try that with me, but they did, I really really did not like it… there were some girls, you could have touch them and let them too, wouldnt that be nice?… it wasnt about that, the game was fine, it was me, I got sort of angry cause I didnt want them to touch me at all, yet they were playing and was difficult to make them be scared, they didnt care, so… I remember that… I couldnt fight them back cause of the situation… there wasnt a killer instinct, cause is waaay easier when they want to kill you… at the end I stood there, like a big rock, they all tried to push me but they couldnt, at all, they tried two times and nothing, I totally freaked them out… lets forget about those stupid people and focus on you… theres a lot of dust in the room, now I feel glad to be throwing these away… you never cleaned?… no, but to be fair, I never saw the dust.

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