Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 07

Feeling good lately… ah, Im so tired… you havent slept in days… I dont need to, Im happy, I have plenty of energies, I feel so alive… have we crossed the week line?… I dont even know how many days it has been, I think it was sunday the other day, ahhh, this feels so goooood!… is the game that good?… its not my kind of game, many stuff is meh, but it has nice music, a lot of scenarios and attacks, addictive rpg style, everytime I think I can take a break, I finish an scenario and Im playing the next, so I keep going… Im glad youre happy, but remember that we have work to do later, this is just a joyful vacation… of course, aahhh! if life is going to have this vibration from now on, its going to be a good life… sounds great to me… this is so crazy, I have taken only two baths in so many days, I quickly eat and come back to play, I wake up in the middle of my sleep in order to keep playing, I stopped going out nor caring about it, Im so happy, and so glad you gave me permission to do this… I always make good decisions… and in the little time I could sleep, Im spending it thinking like this, talking to you, Im a little sad though, the game has many years since released, yet Im playing it just now, all the lost years… dont worry, its not like you would have been able to play it before… still, I feel bad… forget about that too… I wonder why I didnt feel this much with the other games before, and why I did with this one… here you have characters you can relate at least a very little, the others were generic kill it all… yes, I never liked that… it may happen again, you know, theres a lot of stuff we dont like about this new game, is very childish and unreal, though it will remain as our favorite as long as theres no other better… I completely agree with what youre saying, but, in some layer of my mind, I have no idea what you are talking about… really?… Im not sure, I do remember stuff from the old days, that I liked so much, I dont know why I stopped doing it… because it wasnt for you… but I felt great, and now remembering… it is nostalgia, you felt good at that particular time for a certain reason, most likely because your life was so horrible and boring, a small spark may have seemed like a big fire… youre such a mood killer… and youre a wuss, Im gonna have to make you tougher… Im on vacation right now… theres a huge war for you to deal with in the future, you have to be ready… of course, I will, Im confident about it… it will get messy… Im not afraid of anything… hehe, thats the spirit… nostalgia, eh?… yes… mmm… since the stuff you were watching wasnt really that good, its all about you, now it feels good to remember, cause youre remembering about you feeling good, the reaction it caused on you… oohh… these are just machines, you can leave them on and go away, then nothing will happen, its all about the reaction you have, its all inside you, the real game… ooohhh… do you want to go back to the computer and play?… hehe, yes, but no, Im feeling very good with you right now, I think we will hang around for a while and then I will fall asleep, happy… ok… youre such a nice mother for letting me play all day, I love you… of course, I am great… I wish this could have happened sooner, instead of wasting my life so much with all those horrible people, and my stupid decisions I regret so much… well, the woman downstairs has started to change by your influence, slowly, but now its noticeable cause shes not bothering you that much lately, in spite of you not going out… maybe because I stopped listening to her… do you really believe she is not your true mother?… she can keep saying that, I dont believe it… aint that sooo convenient for you? cause you dont want her to be… it is the truth, no matter the situation nor the people telling lies, the structures are very clear about it, I am not her son, that I know for sure even if nobody else says so… and who is your true mother then?… you?… no, Im just playing to be… then who?… advanced information… I knew you were going to say that, just tell me already, this is so annoying… its not my fault that youre dumb, if you want direct words then be able to understand them… Im very sleepy right now, and Im happy, I wish this could go on forever… it will, you been there is the difference… zzz.

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