Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 08

Youre so cute like this… I love sleeping together and listening music, Im glad to have finally figured out how to connect the stereo to the computer, it was so simple, I just needed the adapter, and I already had one, I feel so stupid, hehe… well, those computer speakers you bought are useful now, the pc has low volume output, we can use them to amp it up… and they sound good enough for the night when we need something more quiet… were going to need some headphones eventually… I really like the stereo, it sounds very good for what it is, but Im not completely happy, and its very old, they gave it to me like ten years ago or something… being old is not bad, you have no idea how old you are, advanced information of course… its not about old, the stereo has some problems… sounds good enough, and we hear it all day, aaaaall day long… “despite all the amputations, you can still dance to the rock and roll station”, right? do I still have a chance? this feels so great, I dont want it to end… of course, I dont have to get rid of you, I believe in you, that you can make it… now is so much comfortable with the stereo plugged to the computer, I can be in bed however I want and still feel the music, the kick, right here, in the middle of my chest, it really moves me.

I told you it would work… she is still nasty, and complaining that we dont go out all day, but she is changing indeed… she is the key, if we can handle her then we will be able to take it easy at home… she used to make me mad, but now I dont care… its not about closing your eyes and ignoring her, its the reaction she causes on you… shes full of poison, I dont need that… and shes not your mother, why did you care in the first place?… I dont know, why did this happen anyway?… do you really want to know?… yes, I want to know how did I ended up here… its probably a very sad story… I know that already, for the heavy of the depressions… maybe you have some chemical imbalance and get sad just because… that aint it, Im not that stupid, I know whats going on with me, but I cant see whats behind… anything you can remember?… mmm, eh, no, just sadness… its not only about me telling you, being able to remember is important… mmm, no, nothing… youre still out of shape, you need to resemble your original self more closely, then youll be able to move forward… so whats the next step?… remove all of the bad influences, those poisoned vibrations have to be defeated… cant I just ignore it?… what did I just say? they have control of you already, you need to fight them back now… Ive tried to but no good results so far… youre doing it wrong, you just want to brute force everything without giving it a shape, you need to focus your strength… aaah, like how?… lets try something easy, a weak one, how about, a few days from now, your so called mother called you names and you went into rage… I decided to forget about it, I shouldnt have gotten so angry… its ok to be angry, but you need to properly show it, if you go in rage like that you become a freak show for the audience to enjoy… what shall I do now?… know how to deal with the situations, but first, it already controls you, its inside you, it is a little monster lurking in the shallow depths of your inner self… thats disgusting… of course, thats why you need to defeat it in battle… wont that leave, like, green blood and guts?… its crashed corpse will have to be the least of your worries… ok, how do I beat it?… you have to figure it out by yourself, dont ask me everything… ok… this is no simple game, there are no boundary rules, only logic, dont expect things to happen or have effect without a reason… Im ready… inside you, theres a monster controlling your emotions, making you display a shameful version of yourself around that stupid woman, can you see it?… mmm, yes, that thing aint that big, but so annoying… if you beat him up, you wont be doing those mistakes again… ok, here I go, eh, shall I, what, punch it?… whatever it takes, we want it dead… I hate you so much, ahhh!… pathetic… ah! where did it go? that thing is fast… you are the slow one, very… ahg, that thing keeps moving… be glad its not attacking… I cant do it like this… come up with something then… ok, eh, can you do it for me?… I could do it in a second, barely moving a finger, but it will come back cause you keep feeding it… I must concentrate… yes… I need to see it properly… yes, dont run like crazy, hold your ground, lurk it with energy, let it be the one after you… its coming… stay calmed, it must be trying to provoke you… it wont work… it will get desperate, is in its nature, just wait for it… its near… defense and counter, let it come for you, do not attack it first… it really wants to tease me… watch it get angry at its failure, spoiled little idiot… almost… its in shock because of the change, it will attack with its full force, its afraid of the end… I got it, now!… yey! you did it! clapclap, Im so proud of you… hehe, direct punch in the chest… you have a lot of strength, only a very good punch and you killed it… I would have never been able to aim without defending first… you did great little one… I realized something, this is very dangerous, its not just a game, its claw was very sharp, if it had reach me it would have hurt a lot… this is serious, but dont get nervous and focus on what youre doing, the dangers do not have to happen just because it could… would you have done it this way, defense and counter?… I dont need to counter it, Im too powerful, I would just beat it, dont worry, when you get stronger youll be able to attack without defending first… then you should have done it… its not about me, you have to be able to do it by yourself, if you want to keep existing, otherwise I will have to take complete control of you, and destroy you… sounds good, hehe… that was a very small one, expect much worse monsters later… ok, Ill be ready.

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