Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 09

You should break up from them, those two are no good… but theyre supposed to be my friends, I feel bad about it… why did you say supposed?… because, you know, its not like we have that much in common, especially now… did you have before?… we went to highschool together, I could talk to them when there was no one else, weve been seeing each other for some years, its been kind of nice, well, good times and bad, mostly very meh if I put myself to remember… those are circumstantial, not common things in personality, youre not truly friends with them, nor them with you, now its the time to end it… I was thinking about that… cut your relation with them, its an order… ok, if its an order… hehehe… hehehe.

Its for the best… one of them, I like him, he is a nice guy, but, he was always so close minded about what it should be and not, in spite of being smart, progressive and compassionate, I always hated that he kept himself in a bubble of morals and such… now you know why, if you werent so stupid you would have figured it out earlier… I know, now he finally had enough, got out of his closet, into a big fight with his parents, and then had to move out… good for him, maybe, I dont really care… he is veeery poor now, but he has his career and living with a boyfriend, mmm, I think he already moved with someone else… and the problem with your so called friendship is?… everything he wants to do is gay this and gay that, I dont fit it… to be fair, you were the same with anime for a while, anime this and anime that… he used to like it… its not about being gay or liking anime… were not really friends, a change and the connection is lost… exactly, it was mostly circumstantial, the roots were no deep, if you ever see him again, smile at him and say hi, but thats it, there aint much else to do… ok.

The other one, the doctor… I could say that I have more things in common with him, but that was at the time I used to watch tv, and I hate it now… its going to be the same as with the other so called friend… we used to joke about stuff all the time, it was fun, especially in the middle of so much emotional oppression, but… but?… it was circumstantial, were too different, in many ways, Im sick of him, its like he is stuck with me cause he doesnt have a girlfriend, and he doesnt want to get one because he is not working now, he wants to offer a girl prosperity in order for him to be liked, thats sick, and annoying, now I know why he wants to do it, he is so insecure, he likes to do the same old forever, even if its absolutely boring, we used to go to the movies every saturday or such, until I realized that my money was disappearing in some stupid crap I didnt even like, so I stopped, I told him that I was only going for the mall, and he got mad, like it was boring to just be with me, I was going to break up then but he quickly adapted, later I started to cut all expenses while with him, and I realized I had more fun buying ice cream and pizza rather than being with him, I didnt have the money, and he became such a drag… you sound like an old tired wife… its like I was, everytime I got back home I felt bad about the experience… you know what they say about dating doctors, hahaha… Im sure hes going to get all sentimental… he never bought you anything, her mother was the one who fed you convenience store pizza a couple of times when you visited his home, to hell with him, a burden that doesnt give money its not worth to keep… ok, I already stopped responding to his mails.

Dont you feel great about breaking up with those people, the only ones left would be those living downstairs, but thats another league… Ive been thinking… yes?… if Im a girl and have a womb… yes… why dont I have big breasts? I like big breasts, like the girls in those bouncy animes, they seem very happy… you dont know when to shut up, do you?… I want big breasts!

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