Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 10

Right!… yey… left!… got it… uh, uhhhh, very strong combo… hehehe… you beat that thing up too much… cause I hated it so much, stupid monster, I never liked those haircuts, Im gonna do whatever I want to my hair and dont feel bad about it… you have since a long while ago… but I always cared obsessively of what others thought of me, just like that idiot woman, and all those years when she kept doing her pathetic side hairstyle on me, and the hair gel, I was the laughing stock at school, everything to shape me in her lame ways and the one of her dead pitiful son, I hated it all, to rage, to burst, to… enough, its obvious that youre wrong cause you mentioned about school, control yourself, I dont want to beat you up into sense again… sorry, Im just… I dont care, if you cant deal with your emotions it means youre useless to me… Ive been getting very strong, I bet I could kill them all now, for real… this is real, and you dont have permission for that, I dont know what you are looking for… what if I do it on my own? you dont have to get involved… and then what?… I keep on killing, everyone I can see, and remember, I should kill… and? then what? you havent answered little boy… because I dont know… why would you kill then?… I dont know how to answer that either… you have a big isolated room with a bathroom, some good food, and even a computer to play with, are you looking for better things?… well, yes, but I would not kill for that… again, then what?… theres a lot of things that I cannot see, but Ive been thinking, its been such a long while, I should… no… I should get enough money to… no… to go see the actress… no I said… I must see her now, I need her, I desperately need her, its been too long already, I found her years ago, shes gonna move on with her life, and I havent got any closer at all, I dont think I will ever make it now, I feel my life is nearly gone, and I never made it, I never tried, Im still here, stuck, I dont want to be here… do you hate your room?… no, I love it… then, once again, what?… I must find her, people around me have money, if I collect it from them all, I could get enough for a plane ticket and such… you dont even know if the flight pressure would rip your broken arteries, you havent scarred properly… a bus then, a donkey, whatever, theres thousands of poor people going to the border all the time, Im doing better than them, why cant I?! why do I have to stay here?!… because Im here… I already know it, that you want her too… not that way, and Im certain about it… doesnt it hurt? let me go, I can make it, Im stronger now, I can figure out the rest, let me just go, shes making a new show, I dont want to have to watch it!… then dont… how can I miss it?!… I dont care, dont!… ahhhgggg… as long as Im here you wont be doing anything stupid… its not stupid… dont cry, have some honor, that idiot girl, Im not falling for her again… I must go!… over me, do it! defeat me!… I, I… do it! if you ever want to give into your foolish temptations, its over me, forgotten vessel, dusty shell, small broken tank, obey me or face destruction, you miserable being!… bububu, dont need to go overdramatic… oh! youre feeling better… thanks, because of you… what about the actress?… I hate her boring shows anyway… her roles are not that bad, maybe, I rather dont think about it… Im sick of her… you shouldnt watch her then… I cant ignore her… the time is running, the monsters around this place are very week, but there are way stronger to be faced, you wont be able to defeat them as you are… monsters like what?… for example, the illusion your so called mother influenced in you, becoming her dead son… how could that happen?… you were ordered to survive, yet its not like before, your strength is very passive, mostly defensive, as you are now, your attack force is very low but your resistances very high… but why did I fall?… one of your defenses is making illusions, why endure a fight in that condition when you can hide in the shadows, the illusion of not being there and being someone else, who would be able to live a normal life, yet you were faulty, and believed in the illusions as truth… not nice to be defective… its just what happened… was I different before?… yep, you were very different… so Im basically now a punching bag… holding something very precious inside… you?… Im just an image of her, and youre a small broken tank… do you believe I could do it?… going for the actress? I know you can do many things, but actually find her? I dont know, Im not sure, shes so faraway, and she seems strong, if you were to fight her you would need to be much stronger, or at least very cruel not to hold back… you already found out about her, dont you?… not her, but our emotion for her, its not a nice story… I guess you can tell me but I wont be able to understand it… thats right… its no use, anything… dont cry for her, she doesnt deserve it, and dont give up now, Im not in the mood to cheer you up joyfully as always, just dont give up… Im so tired, Im about to faint… dont give up, thats an order… Im so useless, its something so simple, it tears me apart not being able to do it, why me? why am I here? why am I not there? not that she has to love me, but I cant even play her game, there must be a way somewhere… youre not going to find her, aint that very sad? aint that completely depressing, heart crushing, you, will, not, be, able, to, meet, her, ever, she will exist and you wont… “staring at the pictures move, she looks like the hidden form to be, she seems so closely to me”… “just goes to show how wrong it can be, and now, Im gonna stop wasting my time, somebody else would have broken both of your arms, sad song”… sad song… I get the feeling you would not like her in person, nor her to you… good excuse to stay home.

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