Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 12

“Werent you supposed to throw everything away and go meet the actress?”
He would say that “later”, cause he was, busy, at the moment, then she repeated the question while watching one anime series after another, he wanted to go, but then made a list of all the steps necessary to do it, including grabbing a knife from the kitchen, got tired not even at half and happily continued with what he was doing.
Another fun part of having that laptop is that he could go out and play with it, he just needed a nice place to do it, especially when his so called aunt came to visit, he didnt want her to bother him with the no going out anymore and not working thing, so he dressed up and went out, pretending that he was working, and they actually believed it. He fantasized about having a private place of his own, it didnt had to be fancy nor big, just a private place to be and play peacefully with his computer, as the time passed and he was able to get back home. There was some coffees and other places with internet access, good option cause his home connection was not always there, he didnt like the coffee shops cause those were too expensive, more for going daily, so he visited the old burger place in front of the suns mall, it was the first one in town from ages ago, it was two store and had an internet connection, along with some opened ones from the hotels nearby, he used to go there, pretend to buy something, actually not, go to the upper more lonely floor and happily play there, the employees wouldnt bother him cause he was wearing nice clothes, there was the bathroom near for him so it was comfortable. He discovered then that even when he got a chance to play in a nice place, it was not like home at all, he eventually got tired of going and stayed home again.
Emergency health situations, he could then handle those very well, when delirious he made fun of everything, laugh and laugh while telling so weird yet very funny jokes, those were the only times when the image didnt know what to do about it, at the end she laughed with him while being worried about his condition.
Sickness pills, he remembered when going out was too much, all those dreadful times, meaningless endurance, not that those would do much, after a rash it was all.
27, 32, 29, 26, 35, 30, going to the bathroom used to take half a day, he found the notes of what seemed to be old days.
Sex with the image, sex with yourself, sex with your mother, a dance of illusions was broken with the sense of intimate finding.
Following his nature, he really, really wanted to go outside and play, he thought it was such fun, but the image knew better, she knew he couldnt in that state, so she hold him from doing it and told him a small tale, of them being at a tree house in the woods, him being a little squirrel, sick and injured, that he wasnt allowed to go out, that he was going to remain with her instead. the little sick squirrel tried to go anyway, but she never let him, so they remained there, in the shadow of the tree house, she sang to him, she combed his hair, she told him stories, whatever she could do to make him happy, and her as well.

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