Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 13

Youre having a good time today… yes, Im feeling good… great, because time is up… really?… yes, we cannot wait anymore, I hope youre ready now, right now… I think we can wait… I dont, this is a complex process that can take days, weeks, even more… you say that all the time and it always takes a few hours at most, the rest is relaxing and healing… not to be overdramatic, but we may not come back from where were going… we can do it… its time to see how much are you truly prepared, I must apologize, I couldnt shape you completely, thats why I will help you the best I can along the way… ok, sounds great, hehe… dont be so confident, you didnt finish the teachings and preparation, the monsters may be lower in numbers, but will certainly be much stronger and resistant… I think we do have time… I dont, if this house tears apart and you cannot make this journey, it will be the most horrible failure, youre going now, and it serves you well, youve being so lazy lately… ok, I guess, lets go.

Leo, Reo, an image, a trapped girl, whatever I am, I could never believe in all my years of normal life, to one day reach this place, in such a journey, the only one she wanted me to take, this is a time when I can clearly see what was important in my life and what was a useless waste, to tell the truth, I have no idea of where we are, the landscape keeps changing as we walk, she leads the way in front of me, we see fields, dungeons, mountains, riverside, here is supposed to be inside me, but as I said, I dont know any of these, I can tell there are trees as we pass through the fields, but I cannot see clearly, anything really, Im half blind as we walk, Im just following her, she is wearing a distinct clothing for the occasion, I dont know why, I just walk behind her, she doesnt talk to me.

I did asked her a while ago about our destination, she said it was our core, Ive been kinda impatient, so much that I imagined about the core again and again in order to be there already, of course it didnt happened and she laughed at me very loudly, so we kept walking, more and more, I never thought it was going to be such a long way, its like shes familiar with this path and its length, that kind of lessen my worries about getting lost, what a strange feeling, in the logic of my mind I realize how easy would be for me to get lost here, yet Im not afraid of, and shes with me, our steps start to match, our mood is similar, is like I know where she is going to turn next, I will follow you everywhere, you know that.
At some point in the endless road, she asked me if I was ready to fight, “of course I am”, I proudly answered. To think that this place has monsters, it is supposed to be me, Im really nervous to know, at the same time Im very calmed, like replaying a game, maybe because shes here, and Im doing everything she does.
“The core” she said as we finally arrived, and it was worse than what I expected, we were in a spherical room, metallic red walls, is this the mechanic heart? wouldnt be nice cause there were two monsters, very powerful, very resistant, and very ugly, just to know those are here makes me furious, so I fought them, she told me to wait but I couldnt, I hated them so much, I wanted them destroyed, there was a rage in my heart, and it was me, I knew it, this was the path, this was the way, this was living with meaning of my existence, to fight this battle, they did attacked me at sight but I dodged, every claw with black demonic nails, huge muscular arms, dark red skin in one monster, blackish red on the other, twisted fangs, hideous growls, very tall and large, their steps made loud vibrations, their bodies were a couple of big muscle asymmetric masses, they were not afraid of me, of us, I didnt lost a moment and properly counterattacked, I could see it, the opened spaces after their failed incredibly strong attacks, I couldnt wait for them to do it again, so I did it, like never before, their chest, neck, legs, head, face, I punched them all, so viciously and fast, such an evil feeling with the contact of their flesh, cold and moist, alive, certainly not like the lower monsters I used to fight, those disintegrated after the first punch, these keep getting beat and barely moved back, the dark red one stays at the front, the blackish red remains hidden most of the battle, Im fighting both at the same time, I thought she was going to help me fight but is only watching, I know this is one of my tests, I have to defeat them, somehow, I keep beaten their disgusting flesh, stronger, faster, one successful attack from them and Im sure will be the end, but Im not afraid, Im growing stronger, now Im sensing and hearing their bones crushing beyond my fists, they now start to step back, just a little, and I must confess, Im very tired, I dont know for how long can I keep doing this, it is so dangerous if I become slower.
…Ok, thats it!, very well, Im very impressed…
She declared it as the end of the battle, I couldnt win, and they couldnt destroy me, I knew it was the best to just end, but I dont know if those should remain here, nor how to defeat them, and then, the monsters didnt listened to her, I got scared for a very large moment, for something to be out of her control, and after that moment, since the monsters didnt stop, she quickly attacked them, like a ray of light, she didnt defended, she just attacked, and she didnt used punches nor kicks, there was sort of golden energy sparkling from her opened hand, it was like she was dancing, she quickly passed her hand over the monsters, those got damaged, heavily, it was clear to see on their facial expression, with me they kept mockingly laughing, with her they were suffering intense pain, its so obvious, each attack of her throw them back very far, I had no idea she was so powerful, and after a few attacks, the monsters walked in reverse and hid in the shadows of the room.

Did you liked it? now you see how different we are?… those are escaping, we should get them now!… no… why not?! we can do it, if we attack together we can kill them, they dont belong here… I dont have that much energies, Im just an image, I must stop now, we must follow our way… but those… lets go, follow me.

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