Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 14

I must explain you some things as we walk, you see, Im a guardian, of you, of here, of everything, she knows and care for all of us, Im a thought from her mind, her will to remain herself, and alive, but Im just that, a simple thought, thats why I am very weak… Im the one who is, I couldnt do anything back then… youre purpose is different, you shouldnt feel so bad about it, Im actually proud of you, she is as well, Im sure, I am her after all… wait, whats that other path?… thats not where were going… who is there? the blonde girl, at the blue spheric room, shes so pretty… just someone… why is she alone? is she a monster?… no, she is different, very… does she need help? we must help her… theres no way you can do anything about her, let it go… she may need some help, and shes so cute, Im gonna go and help her, there must be monsters near, I must defend her, I will defeat them all, I wont leave her alone… ok… Im going… Im not, Ill wait here… really?… yes, go, its ok, I guess its in our nature… why are you crying?… just a little emotional, go, you have my permission… ok, Ill be right back… no, you wont.

Hey, hello there!… hihihihi… hello, are you ok? Im Reo, I can help you with everything, you dont need to worry… hihihihi… what are you doing here? are you lost? do you need help to get back home? I can take you if you wish, I see that you made it here your home, but its dangerous, I dont know if youve seen them, but theres a couple of very large monsters at the red room, there may be even more around, I dont want them to hurt you… hahahahahaha!… why dont you show me your face its ok, Im here for you…

hahahahahahahahaha!… gguu… hahahahahahahahaha!

Her face is still blurry, everything is happening so fast, theres no time to even think, she was right, she aint no monster, her power and energies are different, she is, she is tearing me apart! I keep seeing her like in the last moment, before she started her attack, it is the end now, I can barely figure out whats happening, her hands are like claws, she quickly moves them in order to rip my body, my guts are showing, Im all torn into pieces! Im still trying to figure out what happened, what made her do this, I dont even know if she actually used her hands to do this to me, why are you so cruel to me?! did I mean so little after all? youre playing so happily, but this is all I have, everything! but not anymore, Im losing all, so fast, now, now she took my skull and began to crush it, in her hand, is that a hand? so painful, I wish I could see your face, at least to know who you are, its all bloody, my eyes are squeezing out, why are you here? who are you to me? gu, gu, guuuuuu.

One thing is that you have my permission and another that you have to do it, all that training for nothing, but dont worry, theres a magic inside you, the reason you exist is to survive exactly that thing, can you remember? when she made you, every part of you, remember you, remember her, you were the answer to keep living in the mortal world, in spite of that girls hate and envy, remember your original shape and wake up, you never met that person in your life, she cannot kill you this way… guuuu… finally, I thought you were going to get depressed and shut down… guuu… its ok, take your time to remember… uuhhh.

Can you continue now?… I cant believe she was so evil, and brutal, Im so scared, Im still shaking, Im crying, why is she here?… youre so cold, cheer up and warm… I cannot forget about her… were here, the true core… finally, right?… you missed the way in cause you decided to visit that place… sorry… no need to be, though you should listen to your master closely, there are all kinds of things in this world, if you cant decide over your emotions, you wont last long, it was such luck that you were able to survive, but wont happen everytime, she may forget about you or find it too troublesome to bring you back… she?… yes, here she is.

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