Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 15

Not even a chance to cry, barely been able to figure out about the girl in the blue spheric room, and her cruelty, not a chance to take a deep breath and laugh, to complain nor comment, to forget, there is no time, thats what she taught me, complete concentration, unbreakable, in order to make every required movement in a fight, not a second to relax, not a distraction in sight, all performance, focused power, a key to another world, thats what she taught me, emotions get crushed in a silent despair, a prison made of discipline, not a false movement, not a mistake, strict thoughts, bodily entire obedience, one distraction can easily become a tragedy here, the exit is the victory, but that comes at the end of battle, not before, though its difficult to call it a victory, its just the second moment when one continued to live and the other did not, the first moment is the meeting, where the world turns into an arena and everything else does not exist, just one and another, to fall in the same fate, to live and to die.

Well, what do you think?… so, this the true core, it barely has anything, an incomplete wall, this platform a step above the floor, some dark brownish faraway arcs covered in the dark… yes… I thought you brought me to a shelter place or something… this is the visitors center, I made it in case anybody came… its just a couple of cold whitish stony sofas… but very soft and comfortable, its not really stone… yes, I can feel… nobody has come anyway… Im here… youre not a visitor, youre a guardian too, just like me… did I get promoted?… you always were, you and me… this place is huge, why there is no ceiling? is all dark up there… the place adjust to her needs, and it keeps changing, thats why I cant put anything nice here… oh, and, where is she? what should we talk about?… shes around the wall, but you wont be talking with her… why? do I need to do something?… nobody talks to her, and nobody else is here… mmm… want to see her?… yes… lets go, its time to anyway… this whole place is very cold… youre just not used to it… theres so much to ask… sorry but I cant explain it all, theres not even time for that anyway… wow!… hehe, what did you expect?… shes huge, I cant even see her knees, shes a giant!… yes, she is… why is she so big?!… thats just normal for her… wow… maybe were the ones too small, dont you think?… eh? I dont know, I always thought I was tall… dont be scared… no, Im not, Im impressed… of course, Ive been here for a long while, so its normal for me… can we talk to her or something?… I have flown to the top many times, I have a special communication with her, but its not that clear, and the dark is very dangerous… why?… I couldnt even tell, but it is, I couldnt remain for long… is she in danger? under attack?… mmm, not really, is not like that, the main reason nobody comes is probably because everybody must be very scared… what happened?… its such a long story, I dont even know it all… and what do we do now?… nothing… nothing? after all the way?… were guardians but were pretty much useless, theres nothing we can do about her, so we take care of our own problems… I want to talk to her… how? you cant go up there… sooooo, this is it?… shes very peaceful today, you should be glad, I am, when she gets angry or something, it is, scary… she must be glad that Im visiting, hehe… I think she is, though I cant even know that, she could be very angry at you as well, for all the wasted time and such… really?… yes but, mmm, no, I dont think so, at least this moment, it would be obvious by now?… how?… theres a sort of legend about her, do you want to hear it?… of course… the part that I know is truth, is that shes trapped, Ive seen it, theres a few rings around her, the ones you called brownish arcs… those are on the faraway ground… the ones Im talking about are floating around her… I guess we cant remove those… no, cause nobody has ever come, those emerge from her… can she take those off?… I believe so, but thats the other part of the legend, she is trapped living a big tragedy from her life, sometimes she cries, others gets angry, and in rare occasions she becomes very aggressive, this part I dont know for sure, but it is said that she has threaten to destroy other worlds if her wishes are not fulfilled, yet nobody seems to be able to make her wishes happen, luckily she hasnt fully awaken and attacked, she just sent warnings, I saw those, incredibly powerful energy emissions, I thought I was going to die, there was a huge earthquake and all sorts of unintelligible things, there was nothing for me to hold on, I tried on her but her distress purplish energies were very hurtful, I couldnt even get close, I even tried to fly but couldnt… then what happened?… she finally calmed down, and there was sort of like a fake peace… did she destroy anything?… maybe, I didnt get to see it, but from what I can understand, those were just warnings… did they attack back?… I met people who represented those places, but in a different form, a very formal and cryptic one, some tried to negotiate, others were in rage, but nobody could ever find this place nor the surroundings, and worse for them, those who tried to attack, she destroyed them wherever they were, and ever since nobody has done something against her, theyre terrified, and theres a big bunch of legends about what happened, cause she never made it clear it was her… I guess theres no point… exactly, she doesnt want to be a god nor anything like that… is she really going to destroy their worlds?… I think she only wanted to be acknowledged for who she is, she got angry cause ignored, when they got so afraid she stopped doing that, by now, if they could ever figure it out who did it, they would keep asking themselves how did a little girl ended up like that, so powerful and destructive, thought the answers doesnt seem to be that complicated, she misses someone and wishes back, like a spoiled kid, again and again… and we the guardians just witness it all, unable to do anything, again and again… theres nothing we can do about it, she is too big for us… if were here there must be something, I can feel her aura, it covers everything here, if she didnt want us we would have been crushed long ago… dont worry about her and lets go, you have something to do.

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