Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 16

Yes, lets go, you still have work to do… ok… over here, but youre gonna have to close your eyes… guuu.

Wake up, waaaaaake up… dont do that, Im still hurt from before… you went into the blue sphere on your own, dont blame me… I could have just closed my eyes… she told me the path of this place must remain secret to you… ok, now what?… Im sick of watching you fighting with your bare hands, youre gonna get dirty or something worse, you may catch diseases from their blood, yuck, I wont want you then… I only have my hands, I have to do it like that… not anymore, I have a present for you, ta daaaaaa! hehehe… mmm, what is it?… cant you see it? you took it and smash it on their heads, bam!… theres no way not to see it, is golden bright all around it… do you like it?… I must say, I had the image of the master sword from the game… no no no, if we had a sword we would cut ourselves, its no good, this is way better anyway… it doesnt even have a handle… thats why theres a brown work type glove besides it, you grab it while using it, arent you happy? this is so exciting… it is obviously something important, but is just a big metal stick… yes, it is… it wont broke on impact, right?… no, its very sturdy, and heavy… if its heavy then I wont be able to wield it, my arteries are going to break… you have no idea of what you are talking about, pick it up, its an order… only one glove?… I think I lost the other one, I dont know where I left it, you dont need it anyway, only the right hand one… ok, here we go… ooohhh! it looks great on you, not as great as with me, you look fragile and out of shape, but it is good, Im am proud, yes… are you ok? you seem different now… Im happy, thats all, hihihi, now that youre wearing the glove, take it little one… big breath, warming hand, stretching body… just take it! take it!… ok, dont be so naggy… do what I tell you!… 1, 2, aaaand 3… hihihi, what do you think about it?… not bad… hihihi… I feel much better now… Im happy too… stronger, I feel complete, I can easily swing this with one hand, this is great, wow… didnt I tell you? hihihi… yes, I feel, power, energy, vitality… yeah whatever, now comes the good part, didnt I say right hand?… no, dont change the game for a gimmick!… its a right hand glove!… what do you want me to do?… those monsters at the mechanical heart, youre going to defeat them now… would be such a big violent fight, wont it damage the outside world?… dont worry, the protective layer will hold it, as long as it doesnt break, hehehe… that sounds troublesome… it wont as long as you do properly, are you ready? Ill take you there in an instant… wait. wo, ahg, eh? were at the mechanical heart, how did you do it so fast?… because I wanted to… it took us ages to walk into the core, why didnt you just make me appear there?… stop asking useless questions and focus on your task, besides, you were here before, its easy for you to move around the places you already know… ooook, and now?… I wont be helping you this time, if you get defeated its the end for you… aint that too harsh? I dont know whats inside those two creatures, if I start winning the fight they may become something very nasty… you should be ready for anything, didnt I taught you to breath underwater?… well, yes, but… hehehe, I remember that you used to choke… I kinda learned at the end, when I became more peaceful with myself, in harmony… you have to breathe everywhere you need, poison, smoke, air, water, dirt, whatever there is out there, you must remain alive no matter what, remember that little one, its not only my will, its the way to exist… I will remember… theyre looking from the shadows, but wont come as long as Im here, theyre afraid of me, so Im gonna step out, they will see you alone and drool in excitement, then it will be time to fight… yes, Im ready… be confident little one, you can start attacking now, not just defending, see you after, or not, hehehe.

Just as she said, the monsters immediately came out of the shadows as soon as she left, staring intensively at me, theyre completely focus on their pray, both of them, and that pray is me, also yes, theyre drooling in excitement, its like she predicted the obvious future, but I do it too, I already know how they fight, I have the experience of the previous encounter, the dark red one goes to the front, the blackish red stays back, and they both attack with their disgusting body whenever theyre in range, growling to cover me in fears, but now, haha, now will be different, I cant wait to see.

When it was time I made the first step, now there was a smile on my face, now I had, what would it be called? power, I had power, structured from myself, I was complete, the energies flowed, my arms, my legs, my mind, everything, I made the second step, and the third, I accelerated and ran towards the red monster at the front, so fast, it was going to raise its arm to attack me, but it was too late, with a swing of the metal stick I hit its face and head, it crumbled in pain and damage, it was an incredibly huge attack, infinitely more than my punches, and even her magical attacks at their surface, this inflicted deep destruction, I could feel its insides bursting apart, with just one hit, I witnessed the happy miracle for the longest second, watching the monster being defeated, a heartmoving spectacle, but I knew it was not the end, so I attacked again, and again, there was no stop, there was no mercy nor discussion, one was going to die and the other to live, I was going to live, it was an order, it was decided already, for the monster to die, so I beat it, again and again, at first there was growls of pain, at some point those became silent as it became a bloody mass of torn flesh, still conscient, the taste of its destruction is so wonderful, I want to feel it all the time, its so addictive, especially knowing all the harm it has done to me, the impossibility of its defeat, now has happened, his big arms with nasty black nails are now minced meat leaking blood in the middle of this mechanical heart.
There someone else, it has hidden after seeing what happened to the red one, it always did, is its way of fighting, hiding in the shadows were its not seen, but I know where it is, it wont fool me again, I will jump into the shadows, I will defeat it as well, Im ready to destroy it too, now— wow, hes not made of flesh, he could actually defend the attack, hes made of some sort of fog, a shadow, a group of many collected in one big monster, I aimed at his head, he put his arms to defend, holding the blow, but I will continue, I will not stop until my attack goes through him, the golden bright of the metal stick sparks against its shadow arms, he always stayed at the back yet its a thousand times more powerful than the red one, smarter too, he is much more than the monster I once thought it was, he is incredibly vile and hateful, but Im not scared, while he is defending I have an open space over my belly, but I dont care, the attack Im doing is so powerful that he wont be able to move an inch, I wont get tired, but he will, is in its nature, it will try to attack me anyway, he cannot resist the temptation— now, yes! I knew you will do it, you pitiful being, it moved the slightest in order to attack me and now its defense is breaking, further, theres a day beyond the night, theres a life beyond the tragedy, I must kill you, I must live, it was an order, a wish I must fulfill, I will live, and you will die, aaahhhh!

There wasnt a mass of torn flesh this time, when the attack of the metal stick reached its core, it made the shadow monster explode and vanish, its difficult to see that it was here just a moment ago, such a big and vicious creature, now nowhere to be seen, contrary to that meatball on the floor that once was the red monster, with the shadow one I felt the grief feelings of my former self, but now Im different, I got up, confident, glad to be alive… yeeeeeeey! you did it! hahahaha, I knew you will, hehehe, Im so happy for you… yes, thank you… this is mine, give… hey!… its mine, not yours, you cannot have it… but, but… its dangerous for you, did you finish your training?… ah, eh, no, I couldnt, there was no, time… then you cannot have it, you cannot handle it… aaaahhh… what?… the power, is leaving… you dont need it, and its mine… ooohhh, now what?… now we awake?… what about the girl at the blue sphere?… theres nothing you can do about her… but… youre not planning to beat it with the stick, are you?… no, Im not, I guess… that would be too cruel, youre not allowed to?… cruel? shes the one who… shut up already, I wont let you talk bad about her, and its time to wake up already, hehehe.

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