Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 17

Are you ok?… yes, Im ok, I feel weird, like crying… its ok to cry… I dont even, what happened?… dont be dumb and remember, dont play foolish just cause you now can feel the outside world… mmm, I know, sorry… and, how are you?… better, I feel better, crying but better, and tired, but in peace… you did great, Im so glad, all the preparation was worth… Im exhausted… relax, we need to talk but we can do it later, besides, its almost time to eat… am I supposed to go downstairs and have a common meal like nothing happened?… yes… oh.

Are you ready to talk?… you can never be ready, what is it?… you need to die… what?!… you need to die, your purpose is done… but, but… you need to die so she will awake again… I, Im not sure about it… youre just a shallow armor, you must die and I must disappear later over time after I finish the whole process, she will awaken again then… should I kill myself or what?… normally you would just shut down, but since youre stubborn to remain alive, I guess we can force kill you, the easiest way would be to finish tearing your arteries… force kill?… yes, you must die, it was said so long ago, shall I start?… ah… now… no! wait!… what?! why are you behaving like this? youre not supposed to resist, why is this happening? look, Im not really gonna kill you, I need our body, I just need to make you weak, let go already… maybe Im not just a shallow armor… youre supposed to be… plans change as you execute them, I have many emotions in me that cannot die… it was told for you to die… whos gonna take care of the cats? their mother died, its only me… the people downstairs could do it… you already know we cannot trust them… so what is said is not going to happen just because you got cats?… you surely are just an image from long ago, you are meant to disappear, but not me, not yet… why?… its not only about cats, its seems that our giant girl happen to like them, along with other things, she must want to live this life, she got interested in it… were supposed to die, for her to awake… she will, but in a different path, I cannot die, that was an order…

Hahahaha, Im here now, arent you glad?… do you really like it here?… yes, I do, it needs some fixing but it can be done, I find it nice and peaceful, relatively, good enough, I will live here now… what about her?… shes an image of me, I already absorbed it, I will you too little one, eventually… arent you the cute little one?… you looked like an ant at the core, you truly are the little one, I made you, I dont have any daughters nor sons, but I made you, you are my little one… ok, now what?… you have made me happy, Im proud of you… hehe, thanks, but theres a problem… what? I will only stay here for a while, I dont plan to live here the rest of my existence… its not about that, its about, the Image… what about her? I am everything that she is and much more… Im gonna miss, something, ehh, who am I gonna have sex with?… what?!… sex, I wanna have sex, are you available?… eehh?! no way, no, well, I guess I could, but only this time, we must become one, I havent done this since so long ago, how was it?

One day they were out for a walk until they arrived at the nearby catholic curses center, the little wolf was in a shock happy surprise, she loved that lonely, very large, old, seemingly abandon place, so she and small Reo walked there every day to admire the magic and dream under different times and weathers.
It was not only happy times, life became very hard often, the little wolf had a deep chronic depression, the reason for her to be trapped, it will remain, maybe for the rest of her life, while young Reo was still sick and dealing with the outside world, breathing in the poison, creating a home for them to enjoy.
The best part is that is not the end, it never really is.

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