Happiness of Marionette 03 ~Ashes to Illusions~ ch 01

Long black hair, smooth like silk, intense color, completely natural, elegant and sophisticated over one of her many night dresses, but it wasnt completely black, it was actually a dark tone of brown, it was just hard to realize without the proper light.

The first thing I talked to him about was the most important of them all.


Ashes to Illusions 01

Today I have a weird mood little one, I have a lot of things to do yet I dont want to do anything, sure Im missing something… yesterday was such a great day, maybe today its good to let it settle down… I really thought we were getting somewhere, but thats another story, anyway, lets do something fun now… like what?… a fun story of course… weve been doing good remembering about everybody, but I really wanted to stop and focus on someone we have not talked much about… let me guess, grandma, right?… I want to know more about her, she seems very interesting, I want to have a relationship with her… for what I can remember, we never met her properly, all the information came from mother and genes… I wish we could meet her, Im very curious to know her, I, I want to relate to her… and have your own story with her? be careful, mother would not appreciate it… thats part of why I would be doing it, she could never forgive her, I wish this whole thing was over and we could all forgive each other, and live together, and, and I feel like an idiot trying to fix something completely broken just because Im lonely… its the bloodline, we get a lot of attraction with our explosive genes… how come it happened? how it was before grandma? there must have been so many people in our bloodline… the power only came from mom, everyone else was just propense to get a little crazy, sometimes violent, the bloodline is not that special at all without the proper people… what about the tragedy curse? it keeps repeating… its the same as the explosive, it depends of the people… I really want to know our ancestors, I would like to meet them all… why? thats not as fun as you make it sound, besides, they would be the first ones to run away from a savage wolf, hehehe… oohhh… from what I could read in our genes, while it would be very interesting and somehow heartwarming, you would be disappointed, there is no one like mother, her birth was special, but her growth was what made it happen, and then our birth, she made me just like her, maybe thats why we fought so much, mother never doubt about anything, but she had a huge amount of hard feelings to deal with… and that included her relation with grandma, right?… ah, dont cry… I wish it was all different, why did grandma behaved like that?… part of the tragedy, perhaps?… I really wanted to have grandma close, wouldnt it be good? I would be such a spoiled child… dont get so emotional, we definitely have to support mother on this one, its not like I remember much anyway… you can read genes, you can tell it all… not all, and its not that easy, I have most of my energies keeping you alive, dont be so pushy… oh, I thought it could be fun, to live with our family… the tragedy could be fun, if you like good stories about completely losing your mind.

Oh, and one more thing… what?… you do this little whine crap again and Ill make you eat grass at the park, just ooone more time and you become a horse… wha, whyyyy?… ah, shut up! youre just sounding like her!… and you like someone else… oh, hehehe, this sure will be fun.

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